Kirkby Fruit Project (KFP)

We are a volunteer group making use of surplus fruit
to help raise funds for local community groups

KFP aims to:

  • Use locally grown, surplus fruit to generate funds for community groups and projects
  • Learn and teach skills in juicing and pasteurising 
  • Learn and teach skills in cider making
  • Learn and teach skills in propagation and care of fruit trees
  • Create a living record to celebrate the fruit production heritage of Kirkbymoorside

The Kirkby Fruit Project (KFP) was formed in 2012, to pick and distribute surplus apples in the local area to help prevent them being wasted

Since those simple start-up days, we have branched out and our activities now divide into two broad areas:

1 Fund Raising Activities

Using donated, surplus apples we  juice, bottle and pasteurise them to produce our bottled Apple Juice.  we also make KirkbymoorCider from our 100% apple juice and cider vinegar all of which we sell to raise funds

We offer a juicing Service for locals to have their apples juiced, bottled and pasteurised at a cost of £1.25 per bottle

Other donated, surplus fruits are used to make cordials and chutneys which are used, along with some of our apple juice and ciders, to make up our Christmas gift Boxes which we sell to further add to our fund raising

2 Other Activities

We also offer advice on care and pruning of fruit trees and occasionally offer relevant courses on aspects of tree care

The project is run entirely by volunteers
with profits from the sales of our produce going to local community groups, to help them provide equipment or activities they might not be able to fund for themselves

The Summit Bakery and Kirkby News are outlets for our apple juice sales
Kirkby News also sells our KirkbymoorCider
The Moors Store stocks our Cider Vinegar (with Mother Culture)
A big thank you to all for supporting our efforts.
We also sell at various times through the year, from our stall, at local events which are advertised on the town blog, our website and boards and shop windows in town

Contact    email: kirkbyfruit@gmail.com

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