Surplus Fruit

!KFPapple25Would you like to put your surplus fruit to good use?
many apples

We are becoming quite skilled at juicing apples, pasteurising and bottling the juice. We also make cider in sparkling and still varieties

Profits from the sale of the produce goes to local community groups

Here is how we can help ease the burden of your mountains of surplus Apples

With our Juicing service you deliver your apples, leave them with us to work our magic and return after a couple of days or so to collect your very own scrumptious juice, pasteurised, bottled, ready for you to add your own personalised labels, at £1.25 per bottle

Or, become a member of our Cider Co-operative and we will convert your apples into cider.   You can choose to have dry still, sweet still or dry sparkling cider.  You will pay a share of the production and bottling costs, equivalent to £1.25 per bottle.  Your cider will be presented in unlabelled, 75cl bottles.  Please contact us for more details

RAW JUICE for home freezing or cider making

 Places need to be booked on our juicing days. You simply bring your apples along the night before, we juice them and you take home your unpasteurised juice on the day of juicing.  Do remember to deliver containers with your apples and it is better to overestimate  (2kg of apples yields about a litre of juice). Be aware that the fruit and juicing process are not sterile so despite the acidity of natural juice there is a potential for contamination. it is the pasteurisation process that makes juice safe and enables longer term storage. Raw juice will quickly deteriorate so must be either frozen in suitable containers or used to make cider.

Donated fruit is always welcome, it needs to be dry, clean and in good condition
For every 5kg of apples you deliver to us we will give you a bottle of our pasteurised apple juice

Fruit other than Apples
If you have surplus fruit other than apples please contact us.

Other Ideas
Have you tried bottling it?      Take a look at our recipes or our tips on making cider

We do our utmost to not waste any sound fruit delivered to us

Please note:
We cannot accept fruit from fields containing grazing animals

Contact Chris – email:

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