Farmhouse Apple

Town farm was located on High Market Place in the centre of town and old photographs show that it had a large apple tree between the back of the farm house and the numerous farm buildings. The land and buildings were sold off for development sometime after 1963 and the farmhouse became a private residence. The large apple tree was severely pruned back and has undergone more, not always very expert, pruning since. The remnants of this once proud tree are a bit of a sorry sight now and probably will not live much longer but we have grafted some scions onto new rootstock so the tree can live on.
The apple is a James Grieve, a very popular second early dessert apple dating from the late 1800’s. It was originally raised in Scotland and grows best in the north where it has proved to be a hardy and reliable tree but does not grow so well in the wetter conditions of the west. Picking time is September to early October the fruit is juicy and sweetly scented. It will keep till December and retain its flavour though the flesh is inclined to become soft.