Heritage Trees


Old maps show that Kirkbymoorside used to have numerous orchards and was a thriving fruit growing area. Over the years almost all of the old orchards have disappeared so we are now left with just a small number of very old trees which are coming to the end of their lives. The Kirkby Fruit Project was set up in 2012 to find a use for surplus garden fruit and to celebrate our fruit growing heritage. We have taken scions (cuttings) from some of the very old apple trees and grafted them on to new rootstock so that our heritage can continue to live on through these daughter trees.
Each of our young trees was grafted by us in spring 2015 from an identified old tree in the Kirkbymoorside area and comes with its own ‘family history’. We graft on to MM106 rootstock which is hardy and will grow in almost any soil conditions. The young trees can be trained into cordons, espaliers, step-overs or simply left to grow as a free standing tree with an eventual height of around 4 metres. They only need staking for the first couple of years until the root system is well established. Please plant out your tree as soon as possible after receiving it.!KFPapple
The Varieties we have so far:

Burgage Plot Grenadier
Farmhouse AppleKirkby Pippin logo

Keldholme Cooker
Lord HindlopNess Hall Apple Tree

Old Kirkby Orchard Tree logo
Piercy End Tree One & TwoThe Vicarage Apple


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We will have more daughter trees for you to buy next autumn.  Drop us an email if you would like to reserve a tree or two and we will happily add you to our list.  (We will do our best to graft enough to cover demand, but we are at the mercy of mother nature so can’t make an outright promise that we will be successful, but we will give it our best shot).  Signature
Contact    email: kirkbyfruit@gmail.com