Ness Hall Apple

This is a large cooking apple with a distinctive, almost oblong, shape. It has an attractive dusky green skin flushed with dark red and a distinctive open eye. Ready for picking in October and keeps well in storage, it is good for both baking and juicing.
The parent tree was found growing in the old orchard at Ness Hall close to Kirkbymoorside and it is thought to be a unique local variety. Although the apple had always been referred to as the ‘Red Bramley’ by the owners it was clear that the fruit bore no resemblance to the well-known Bramley seedling so it was examined by a number of apple identification experts. Eventually it was concluded that this was a unique variety possibly bred, or discovered, by a head gardener at the Hall sometime in the past. The apple is only known to exist in 2 locations, both large orchards belonging to estates close to Kirkbymoorside, a truly rare variety. We began grafting scion wood from the original tree in February 2015 to ensure the survival of this tasty local variety.