Old Kirkby Orchard Tree

Maps of Kirkbymoorside from the 1800’s show orchards growing all around the town and one of the most extensive areas was to the south and west behind West End. Originally the fruit would only have been sold in a relatively small geographical area because of transport difficulties but the arrival of the railway in 1874 provided a way to transport the fruits rapidly to markets across the country and so promoted the growth of the industry. The orchards have gradually disappeared over the years and the building of the town bypass cut a line across a large part of the original area. Only a small number of the original trees now remain and they are likely to disappear in the next few years, either from natural decline or to make way for building. This tree was grafted in February 2015 using scion wood from one of the few remaining orchard trees. It is thought to be a Bramley Seedling and the parent tree would have been planted in the late 1800’s, not long after this variety was introduced to orchard growers.