The Vicarage Apple

The original vicarage for All Saints Church in Kirkbymoorside was on Tinley Garth but in 1878 the Rev. Ketchley moved into the ‘new’ vicarage at the top of Church Street. This building was typical of the old style vicarages – large, imposing and difficult to heat but it did have a large garden and orchard. In 1972 a more modern, and modest, vicarage was built on the orchard and the old Victorian house was sold to become a private residence.  Sadly most of the original orchard trees have been removed over the years but there are still one or two old trees surviving in the present vicarage garden.
The daughter trees from those remaining old fruit trees provide a link with the ongoing role of the Church in our town.  We know it is an early season apple but the exact variety has yet to be identified.