Chilli Apple Relish

3 lbs (peeled,cored, chopped) cooking apples
1½ lbs (peeled, chopped) onions
1 lb sultanaschilli apple relish
2 pts malt vinegar
2 tsp crushed chilli
1 tsp ground black cardamom
2 tsp mustard seeds
4tsp salt
8 oz white sugar
4 dessert spoons black treacle

Put apples, onions and sultanas into a large pan with the vinegar, cover and cook together gently until all the ingredients are soft.
Add the salt, cardamom, mustard powder and crushed chilli, and stir well.
Cover and continue cooking for around 30 mins, stirring until the apple pieces have all dissolved. (You can use a potato masher to gently finish the job.)
Note: apples vary in how much water they contain: if the chutney is very runny, keep cooking gently with the lid off until it is right. It will thicken a bit further in the jars when it cools.
Add the sugar and treacle, and cook gently for a little while longer (stirring regularly) until dissolved and mixed in well.
Bottle hot to preserve.
Makes 9 – 10 lbs of chutney.

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